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The man behind the magic
M.G. Taylor
M.G. TAYLOR is the Croatian No.1 illusionist - That is the judgement that was repeated over and over again in all Croatian mainstream magazines in the past ten years.

That judgement was not only brought by the journalists, but also, more importantly, by magicians and by audiences worldwide.

Over 100 live shows pro year since 1995 and over 250 television shows in the past fifteen years are certanly numbers that match many big names of world entertainment.

But not only the numbers, and not "only" the mystery of his illusions made him Croatian master illusionist - it's the presentation that makes him big. His talent made his illusions exciting, sexy, funny, dramatic, romantic and above all - entertaining.

Here are some of the highlights of his magical career happened in:
M.G. Taylor made a new model of Opel Vectra dissapear at the press conference, and then made it reappear two weaks later at the opening of Zagreb Auto show. The other spectacular moment happened after He was asked by the Croatian government to present CARNET (Croatian Academic Research NETwork). At the end of the presentation, the director of the Network passed through a thin computer cable. That illusion opened the first ATM network in Croatia.

It is interesting that M.G. Taylor knew exactly what he was talking about at this presentation. All the hi-tech-computor stuff was anything but new to him - that guy is a bachelor of science in electronical engineering.

In the past few years, his show was also seen in many European countries, and in 1992. he performed shows for children in the USA. The highlights of his new show feature telekinetic glass breaking, vanishing ghetto-blaster, 17 umbrellas appearing out of nowhere and a spectacular levitation of his girl-assistant.

In 1997 M.G. Taylor is taking his fans and audiences on a magical journey across "The Secret World" - that is the title of his latest and biggest project so far. "The Secret World" is a multimedia project. It consists of five parts: The Magic box, Musical CD, Video, Website and live-show.

Since 1998, M.G. Taylor is touring the world on luxury cruise-ships. The show on the ships is presented in German and/or English language and features over six hours of programme - from unbelieveable close-up numbers, over beautiful gala-productions to the breathtaking solo-show. His lovely assistants and the international crew and staff, make the show-events and the whole cruise, to a truly magical expirience - for cruise passengers and audiences worldwide.

"Coca-Cola", "Hewlett-Packard", "Opel", "Citroen", "Daikin" and many other respectable companies have engaged M.G.Taylor as the producer of their gala-shows and international events. The ability to entertain in three languages and the magical interaction with other performers (singers, dancers, etc.), made those events to a truly memorable expiriences.

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