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M.G. Taylor show
Croatian Illusionist and entertainer with...

... most live television performances on National television

... most performances worldwide

... the largest illusion ever performed in Croatia – making a car disappear and re-appear

... the biggest multimedia illusion ever performed in Croatia – walking through the Internet

The only Croatian illusionist and entertainer...

... performing for international audiences in cruise-ship entertainment

... performing in English and German language

... producing and assisting in production of special effects in top-production shows

... producing and directing multimedia spectacles for the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

... who twice attended the course of magic held by the world's greatest magician David Copperfield in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

... who twice visited The Secret Warehouse – The Magic Museum and Warehouse of David Copperfield in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

... who was twice voted for one of the most wanted bachelors of Croatia

... who's interactive, magical exhibition was presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

... who's magic show was performed at the most prestigious concert hall in Croatia – Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall, Zagreb

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